Rapidly evaluate the options for extending product life and reduce risk with faster market performance evidence

Real-World Drug Performance and Trends

Therapies are developed in controlled, clinical research studies which attempt to emulate the typical patient population, but invariably new information is learned through real world prescribing and outcomes. CliniWorks‘ clinical data mining and analytics solutions lead post marketing therapy evaluation through the comprehensive analysis of real-world clinical evidence, enabling the rapid evaluation of actual drug performance and trends. Valuable insights are made into actual patient outcomes that help inform product use, health economics, label expansion, new uses and safety signals through pharmacovigilance.

Powerful Registry Application – Fast, Efficient Design

CliniWorks furthers observational research through The AccelRegistry™ offering an easy and rapid to deploy, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant platform for collecting and capturing investigator, provider and patient-level outcomes data at multiple sites and fore any disease specialty. The AccelRegistry™ has the ability to incorporate data-feeds, aggregated from multiple sources, different electronic healthcare systems, care providers and from the patients themselves through an on-line/mobile patient engagement interface. The Registry web-portal provides variable access and customization for physician, researcher and patient data-entry. Real time alerts and reminders prompt users for action based on protocol rules run against new data.

CliniWorks‘ data-mining and registry products and solutions have supported product, surgical and disease registries for healthcare and sponsor clients for over a decade. Through the application of sophisticated real-world data processing and capture technologies, CliniWorks is uniquely positioned to support multiple post-marketing objectives and commitments.