Personalized Medicine

The use of disease biomarkers and genetic profiling are becoming an increasingly critical component of drug development and personalized medicine. While targeted agents directed at unique genetic features improve drug efficacy and reduce toxicity, new paradigms in drug development also demand increased clinical evidence for patient recruitment in clinical studies. To translate personalized medicine into clinical realities, biomarker-defined populations are needed.

CliniWorks aggregates clinical, phenotypic and genetic patient-information into a single searchable repository, for the rapid identification of patients, most likely to respond to targeted therapies.

CliniWorks provides information on sub-patient populations from which researchers gain unique insights, that inform early discovery including:

  • Accurate analysis of real-world healthcare data
  • Comprehensive medical search against laboratory, pathology, radiology, genetic tests, physician notes, discharge summaries and complete EMR sources
  • Optimized protocol design against real world data-driven evidence