Grow your clinical
research revenue
Fully customized
disease registries
Apply analytics to improve
patient outcomes
Access information-rich
Warehouse and find ALL clinical
information in one place
Drive hospital quality
and patient safety

About CliniWorks

CliniWorks is a global healthcare technology leader dedicated to the transformation of Big-data into actionable evidence-based decisions. CliniWorks is privately held and based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Its core technology has been vetted in the healthcare space for 17 years and its leadership team has deep expertise in clinical data management. The company is dedicated to the simple, fast, and effective use of real-world evidence to accelerate clinical research and improve healthcare performance, quality of care, patient-safety, compliance and adherence to meaningful use.

CliniWorks’ proprietary technology aggregates multiple clinical data sources into a single, HIPAA-compliant searchable repository to enable rapid data query, analysis, and reporting. Through the award winning Accel® platform, CliniWorks provides actionable reports to identify gaps in clinical care across disease areas and provides a flexible user interface to enable cohort identification for clinical trials.

CliniWorks provides a comprehensive solution for capturing and mining real-world data in real-time; its technology platform has been deployed and maintained within multiple large healthcare systems nationwide and globally. Using real-world evidence, derived from millions of medical sources, CliniWorks provides healthcare organizations with tools to improve patient care, organizational performance, expedite patient enrollment in clinical trials and drive research funding.