Identifying Gaps in Clinical Care

CliniWorks’ AccelInsight™ Analytics Application  supports Population Health Management through information-powered clinical decision-making by providing actionable reports and tools that identify gaps in patient care across disease areas.

AccelInsight™ provides customized near-real-time analytics of robust structured and unstructured datasets from patient medical records and other data feeds to identify evidence-based quality improvement opportunities for risk-stratification of a population, gap analysis, and care management.

Quality Measures Visualization
Quality Measures Visualization

AccelCare™ enables healthcare providers to easily and quickly:

  • Set preferred intervention plans, based on best-practices protocols
  • Match patient cases, as captured from medical records against preferred medical rules and workflow
  • Initiate a corrective workflow, real-time alerts and information push to quality-assurance personnel, management and providers
  • Improve quality of care, patient outcomes and performance

CliniWorks drives quality of care analytics by enabling healthcare institutions to address the effects of various interventions on population health management and healthcare quality metrics. CliniWorks provides administrators, executives and care providers with enterprise- level, departmental, practice group, physician-level and patient-specific quality reports.

Readmission Prevention Through Predictive Analytics

Through AccelInsight™ platform predictive analytics providers can comprehensively address patient risk-stratification for preventable readmissions. CliniWorks provides near real-time alerts to identify priority patients for post-discharge care planning, while the patient is still in the hospital.

The AccelInsight™ platform delivers:

AccelCare Risk

Quality Measures Report
  • A flexible web-based , fully-customizable user interface that identifies high-risk patient-cohorts for outcomes intervention
  • A patient risk-stratification engine to reduce preventable hospital readmissions
  • Near real-time alerts to identify patients who would benefit most from care transition interventions prior to discharge
  • Methodology for monitoring medication adherence post-discharge

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