Enterprise-wide benefits
Improve performance and
simplify reporting
Evaluate patient outcomes
A 360° view of your
medical data

Increase knowledge, improve patient care

By uncovering more data and richer context from patient medical records, CliniWorks Accel® Platform with AccelInsight™ and AccelCare™ analytics applications, helps healthcare institutions in getting a complete view of clinical practices and outcomes to better meet quality and compliance goals, and support Population Health Management initiatives.

The Accel™ platform helps healthcare institutions:

•    Measure quality and performance
•    Monitor safety/adverse events
•    Manage medical data for enterprise business intelligence and decision making
•    Support Population Health Management initiatives
•    Support Quality Improvement Interventions
•    Comply with HIPAA regulations and IRB requirements
•    Integrate information across the institution

With CliniWorks, healthcare institutions benefit from:

•    17 years of experience with large healthcare institutions’ clinical data on a worldwide basis
•    Deep understanding and support of any clinical workflow in large enterprises