Leveraging the Power of Big-Data

Discovery of novel therapies for new patient sub-populations involves deep understanding of clinical as well as genetic and metabolic bio-marker information. Leveraging a platform that provides the ability to aggregate and analyze multiple sources of medical data, brings the power of big data research informatics to early drug development. CliniWorks suite of clinical data mining products and the answers they generate, is proving to be an invaluable asset to basic research and discovery scientists.

Rapid Clinical and Bio-Marker Analytics

CliniWorks AccelFind® technology provides the ability to perform complex clinical and bio-marker analyses provides for enhanced hypothesis generating capabilities and better understanding of your intended treatment populations. By combining state-of-the-art clinical data processing technologies and genetic, proteomic and other diagnostic data, researchers are able to perform complex analyses on multiple disease, treatment and outcomes variables. CliniWorks data analytics platform provides for evaluating several inclusions & exclusion criteria in a single session window – allowing for rapid-cycle testing and discovery of unique insights into unmet-needs patient populations.

Enhanced Bio-Specimen Research

Another way CliniWorks is working to advance basic research is enhancing the clinical information associated with bio-specimen and samples processing through advanced, cross-platform population search and matching. CliniWorks client institutions and companies participating in providing specimens for research are now able to deliver important additional clinical and medical treatment information to better inform experiments.