• Predictive feasibility analysis
  • Data-driven patient recruitment
  • Informed site selection
  • Enhanced forecasting and resource planning
Quickly hit your targets, support your decisions with accurate quantitative data and analysis to reduce development time and costs and release productivity bottlenecks


Saving Time and Resources on Clinical Development

Registrational clinical trials are one of the most time intensive and expensive phases of clinical development. Any technology that can significantly improve the efficiency of this critical phase, will save millions of dollars and months of effort. CliniWorks’ suite of clinical data solutions provide fast and accurate site, researcher and patient identification for clinical trial execution based on real world evidence. The platform mines real-world data in real-time. With its data-mining capabilities, CliniWorks can run clinical research feasibility studies, provide protocol optimization tools and determine optimal sites for patient recruitment, thus, significantly reducing costs for drug development.

Accelerating Recruitment


CliniWorks has developed a novel approach to patient recruitment for clinical trials, by leveraging a dynamic Clinical Research Collaboration Network of Healthcare Institutions. CliniWorks unique clinical trial matching service is using a HIPAA compliant workflow based on real-world healthcare data, to search for patients who meet clinical trial criteria within our network. The technology uses advanced artificial intelligence tools, natural language processing and a set of over 2 million medical terminologies to mine patient data accurately and efficiently. With its advanced analytics platform CliniWorks expedites the identification of sites, researchers and patients for clinical trial recruitment.

Improving timely, informed decisions

Researchers using CliniWorks’ research solutions make better and more informed, evidence-based decisions. Program managers are able to set more predictive recruitment, forecasting and resource planning that result in improved Key Performance Indicators and more efficient clinical trial execution.

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