AccelFind – Case Finding

AccelFind® – revolutionizes clinical research
productivity and revenues

CliniWorks‘ AccelFind is a powerful front-end search application enabling the extraction of medical knowledge from data of any source and format, including free-text.

Physician narratives, visit notes and discharge summaries no longer sit idle, but become a rich source of searchable, meaningful information. When combined with data from various hospital systems, including EMR, laboratory, radiology etc., a new comprehensive source of patient healthcare data is created that provides researchers with unparalleled analytic capabilities.

With AccelFind, you will realize valuable time savings and accuracy in conducting fast feasibility, data mining and chart review studies within a de-identified, searchable database. Reach peak efficiency in patient recruitment by building key inclusion and exclusion criteria to easily find cohorts of eligible patients for clinical research.

A novel IRB approval workflow is built-in, allowing researchers to re-identify primary care physician and patient details for recruitment of IRB-approved studies.

AccelFind is a fast, comprehensive and flexible research tool that requires minimal IT resources and time to implement.

Accelerate your clinical research and evidence-based decision making with AccelFind today!


AccelFind is powerful

  • Accurate real-time queries and results
  • Over 2 Million conceptual medical ontologies
  • Contextual natural language comprehension

AccelFind is opportunity

  • Facilitates clinical research with clinical trial networks
  • Sponsored clinical research collaborations


  • Intuitive Query Builder
  • Fast Cohort Identification
  • Easy Feasibility Patient Eligibility, Screening & Recruitment Workflows
  • IRB Approval Workflow
  • HIPAA Compliant (All PHI De-identified, including text)
  • Analyzes structured & unstructured data (Free Text)
  • Industry & Custom Dictionaries
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Ontology Concepts
  • Query Based Alerts & Notifications
  • EMR/EHR Source Data Views
  • Comprehensive User Management
  • Built-In Reporting Engine